Interface overview

The following guide explains where different settings and features live.

  1. This is where referrals live
    • Inbox contains all referrals that have not yet been accepted.
    • Scheduled contains all referrals that have been accepted and scheduled.
    • Sent contains all referrals that have been sent to the network.
  2. Clicking on this button will create a new referral.
  3. Quick access buttons to view Notifications, Network, and Settings.
  4. This area displays the current signed in user.
  5. Help/live chat button to talk to the GetReferd support team or access to browse the knowledge base articles.



  1. Menu side pane where various settings can be accessed and changed.
  2. Display of users that are members of this practice.


Networks page

This page shows the GetReferd network. It includes two sections, Your Preferred Network and Practice network.

  1. ‘Your Preferred Network’ are specialists that referrals will be sent to first. To add to this list, click on ‘Add to your Preferred Network’. This list will contain personally preferred specialists.
  2. The Practice network contains practices and providers that referrals will be sent to after ‘Your Preferred Network’ but before being sent to the wider GetReferd network. This list will contain practice preferred specialists.


Billings page

Billing details are contained on this page.

  1. Current subscription is displayed here, as well as the option to ‘Top Up your Account’.
  2. Payment method is displayed here, as well as the option to update the payment method.

A list of invoices will also be displayed here, as well as the option to download a copy of these invoices.


General settings page

General settings are displayed here. The options available are to set up notifications of when a referral has been received, or that some action is required on the part of the user; and to play a sound when a notification has been received or not.


Practice settings page

Practice information lives on this page.

  1. Details of Practice Name, Address and Phone Number.
  2. Practice Logo and Branding can be set within these settings.

This page displays the current users information.


Profile photo is displayed here and can be changed from this location also.

Update or change password.

Personal details can be added here. Scroll further down this page to see the image below.


Specialities can be added or removed from this location, as well as insurance providers that are accepted by the current user.