How do I add a user to my account?

There are two types of users in GetReferd. Provider and Staff. This article details how to add either role.

There are two types of users in GetReferd.

These are professionals that provide health care services to patients and work as part of your practice or surgery.

In order to receive referrals, the practice will have to have at least one provider associated with it on GetReferd.

Staff Member:
This role is predominantly used in an administrative capacity when referrals are scheduled on behalf of a provider. The staff member (receptionist, office admin) won’t receive referrals themselves, as they are not a provider of health care services. These types of users will only be sending and receiving

Video instructions: 

To add a new user to GetReferd:

1. From the dashboard, click on Settings in the lower left corner of the screen.

2. In the top right corner of the following screen, click on Add

3. A prompt will appear asking what type of user to create:

If creating a Provider user, a national database search will look to see if the provider already exists on GetReferd. If they don’t exist within the GetReferd database, their details can be added by clicking the “Invite them now” button and they will be sent an invitation to join GetReferd and the practice.

If creating a Staff Member user, a form will appear asking for the First Name, Last
and Email address of the staff member. An email invite will then be
sent to them with a link to log in to GetReferd and start using the