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11 Dec 2018

Product Updates

Transparency and alignment with our Users’ processes are important to us. To boost collaboration between General Practitioners, Specialists and Secondary Care specialists, we are constantly making updates to the application. Our latest update lets you match up your patient with specialists within the radius of your patients’ location, rather than the practice location. We’ve also made it easier to find a specific provider through our elastic search. See our updates below, and keep up to date with our Knowledge Base here.


  • You can now match your referrals based on your patients location instead of your practice location.
  • We’ve made a few tweaks and it’s now even quicker to set up your account.
  • Searching for providers has been updated to make sure you find who you’re looking for.


  • Added additional security protocols.
  • You can now edit a referral from the confirmation screen before sending.
  • Added the ability to refer any scheduled patient on to a new provider.
  • Allow healthcare liaisons to be notified if a referral is being sent to a new provider.


  • Added a new search feature for sending directly to any provider in our database.
  • It’s now quicker to search and select a speciality when creating a referral.


  • Updated how your practice branding is shown on the patient appointment screen.
  • You can now review and download attachments when a referral has been matched with you.
  • It’s now possible to add a provider to your practice without providing their email address. This will make it quick to get set up and start sending referrals.


  • You can now add multiple notes to a referral. You can use these to follow up or update any patient information.
  • Refer back – We’ve made it easy to quickly refer a patient back to the provider who sent them your way.
  • See when users from other practices are also viewing a referral you have been offered.
  • Quickly add multiple users to departments with the new selection tool.
  • Bug fixes around re matching referrals when a provider edits their specialities.

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