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16 Jan 2019

Delivering a Patient Experience


The objective is to provide a great patient experience, to make every interaction a patient makes with their healthcare provider both easy and enjoyable, besides helping patients live to their optimal health. For General Practitioner’s it’s about running a successful practice without overloading patients and staff in paperwork.

  • scheduling
  • checking in / checking out
  • payment
  • referrals
  • surveys
Patient Experience General Practice Paperwork

Creating a simple and convenient environment for all. It’s about offering patients the option to self-serve as much, or as little, as they want, when and how they prefer. It’s about giving back time to staff that they can use to focus on the people coming into the practice, not their paper. Medical practices are beginning to embrace the principles of good patient experience and looking to technology to support this distinctly human need.

Streamlining a patient’s administrative tasks using technology is not something new. Most practices have been relying on a set of disparate tools to handle a set of different activities, adding new tools as they become available and as they can fit them in their budget. Technology for medical practices has finally grown up and is allowing managers to say goodbye to the FrankenSpot approach of stitching together different tools that don’t talk to each other and require a lot of manual work on the back end to reconcile. The arrival of GetReferd as a technology application is a game changer, helping healthcare providers realize the productivity and revenue gains that have been elusive.

Patient Experience - GetReferd


About Author

Craig Ellis

Head of Sales Engineering, with a passion for Healthcare, CRM, Business Development, New Technology, Marketing and Gadgets. Business Technology Professional, working in the SaaS Industry for GetReferd, Healthcare Software - Closed Loop Referral Management. Helping healthcare organisations to connect General Practioners to Healthcare Organisations, for referring their patients in real-time, scheduling appointments and creating a better patient experience.

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