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Connecting people with the care they need is the driving force behind what we do everyday

We’re obsessed with removing the barriers between patients and their care

Most ‘modern’ healthcare applications have simply copied yesterday’s inefficient workflows directly into their program, encoding legacy processes in lieu of making actual improvements.

Technology can have a profound effect on services, making them more accessible, efficient, and productive when deployed the right way.

With many team members having actually worked in healthcare, we at GetReferd understand that sometimes a process is necessary for the good of the patient, and sometimes a process was necessary because there simply wasn’t a better way.  Our perspective helps us to design consumer-focused applications that truly engage patients without asking the healthcare industry to settle for yesterday’s processes. Leveraging technology to solve the problems of a pre-digital era is the driving force behind what we do every day.

At GetReferd we design consumer-focused applications that increase access to care, drive down cost and exceed patient expectations.

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